Exhibitions & Trade Events
london - chicago - hong kong - just for starters

Muscet Media works as the Australian based organiser for a number of different hospitality based events in London, Chicago and Hong Kong. As an organiser of trade fairs or events, we know all the ins and outs. There are lots of rules, coordination, running around, stress, logistics as well as adjusting and organising things at the last minute.

We like to think we ‘have we thought of everything’ as well as keeping a plan B in place just in case. We try and keep all the stake holders up to date what is going on so everyone feels connected with organisers exhibitors, suppliers and everyone else involved.

Our industry experience has been built over many years of doing this for ourselves and know what it takes to operate events and exhibitions. Our aim is to help Australian companies get themselves and their products to the right markets with minimal stress. Our role is being in the right time zone to answer your questions when you need them answered and to guide you through the entire process.